Billboard Shelter

billboard shelter is a project which aims to improve the life of people in vulnerable or precarious situations, to tackle systemic and structural issues around urban planning and housing speculation. By using billboards as the shelter’s skin, we are designing a self-sufficient micro-house, by directing the funds raised by advertisement campaigning to social justice causes. We pretend to give temporary support to people (individuals or families) who struggle to afford or find a place to live. We want to create a safe place for them. A catalyst, an incentive, an encouragement while they continue fighting to solve their concerns and obstacles. This project intends to be related with existing charities organisations and city councils who already give support to these people. We want to give them a more grounded solution which gives them more privacy, more independence, more stability, more dignity, more quotidian habits, in order to improve substantially their lives. The brands that wish to display their advertising will benefit twice through this initiate. Firstly, by finding a place to advertise their services or products. And secondly, by directly supporting social causes such as this, which in return will bring them more visibility through a previously unexplored medium. Consequently, these brands are the financiers of this cause. Capitalism is now socially aware.