Creative Biz Trends

Activity inserted in Axis 1 of the operation, aimed at market prospection and knowledge, as well as the characterisation of the national offer of goods and services in the cultural and creative industries, including the identification and validation of Talents.
This activity specifically refers to Creative Biztrends
Carrying out surveys and studies of specific markets, either by economic blocks, or by definition of sub-sectors of the creative industries, allowing for traditional and/or core creative activities (with an intrinsic artistic component) and creative activities of convergence with other sectors, namely technological, digital and content, without prejudice to the holistic approach to the economic cluster.
It involves knowledge and market research, translated into economic and relevant information on the creative segments and/or markets.
The core economic areas of the project respect creative and digital sector convergence: increasing the value chain and aggregation of the cultural and creative sectors, in convergence with relevant sectors for the economic cluster, and enhancing the contribution of cultural and creative industries in strengthening the competitiveness of areas of economic activity, in four key topics
a New media and digital content:
Digital content and media, software, games, new technologies for arts and languages, educational software, heritage and heritage enhancement applications, e-technology;
b Industry, services, products and consumer goods:
Valorisation of products, spaces and national consumer goods industries and strong incorporation of immaterial competitiveness factors such as design, advertising, brands (fashion, footwear, clothing, textiles, jewellery, cork, customisation of products);
c Culture, heritage and tourism:
Economic valorisation of resources and tangible and intangible heritage assets, heritage preservation, events and tourism, technologies for tourism, content applied to cities and territory;
d Cultural and creative production and fruition:
Production, distribution and promotion of cultural and creative contents (music, cinema and video, radio and tv, publishing and literary creation, performing arts and visual arts, events and shows).
On the other hand, approaches will be carried out by regional markets/blocks, integrating for example: Europe Asia /Middle East
North America
Latin America
This information will be made available in free access and without restrictions to the economic aggregate, through the information and data contained in the Marketplace, as well as in digital issues with summary information on segments and markets.
This activity will have the support / development / partnerships of: ADDICT, IAPMEI, Order of Architects, TICE, ATP, APICAPPS, among others. Collaboration in the knowledge and access to information on foreign markets. Support to the definition of potential and emerging segments and definition of regions blocks / adaptation of the national offer to the international demand.
Complementarily, the information being produced in this initiative will inform the capacity building programme, to be carried out as foreseen in Axis 2.