Talent Booster


Activity that integrates Axis B. GET READY (Capacity Building)
Action aimed at sharing knowledge and implementing the action plan for capacity building for the promotion of Young Talents, and sharing experiences and knowledge, dissemination and capacity building for the internationalization of talents, and economic agents, integrating the activity:
Talent Booster / Talent Emancipator
This activity consists of the conception, structuring and dynamisation of intensive capacity-building workshops for talents and creative economic agents for internationalisation processes, their specificities, approaches, contexts of regional economic blocks and/or specific countries, contexts associated to different activities of the creative subsectors.
For the contents of the workshops, the results of the successive market studies of Axis 1 will contribute, as well as the results of the survey of the supply of goods and services and the talents identified.
The results of these activities will empower the talents and the economic agents for the internationalisation processes, as well as will be taken into account in the parameterisation of the collaborative platform, and in the definition of the international markets to privilege and the talents to select for the external promotion actions.
The activity involves the programming, promotion and implementation of training sessions, in locations in the North and Centre Regions, in a total of 8 initiatives, with an average participation of 30 people (talents/companies).
The themes involve decisive aspects on the internationalisation processes (countries/markets, barriers, market access, interlocutors, facilitators, economic and financial aspects, property and copyright, financing of operations, installation, logistics, among other aspects).
The methodology and programming may involve international representatives of the destination countries, as well as internationalisation experts and consultants, representatives of internationalised companies, with their testimony and example, among other references.
The model for holding the sessions may be adopted according to the definition of the thematic approach methodology by creative segments and/or approach by destination markets.
This activity will receive the contributions of the initiatives of Axis 1, namely the studies of market knowledge (Creative Biztrends) as well as the characterization of the national offer (Talent Sonar).
It will have the participation and involvement of ADDICT, IAPMEI, the Architects' Association, TICE, ATP, APICAPPS, among others. Collaboration in the definition and implementation of initiatives for business training of talents for internationalisation.
The results of the sessions will also support the decision and programming of missions and international promotion, as well as the information and documentation to be made available, and talents to be promoted, within the scope of the Marketplace.