Talent Radar

Activity included in Axis 1 of the operation, aimed at prospecting and understanding markets, as well as characterising the national supply of goods and services in the cultural and creative industries, including the identification and validation of Talents.
This activity specifically refers to the Talent Radar / Talent Sonar
Activity to be carried out extensively that aims to characterise the supply of cultural and creative goods and services, as well as the identification and validation of talent, and proposed action plan for the promotion of young talent, through a study and propositional process, participatory and discussed with economic agents and reference entities in the sector and in the areas of public policy with a business character, and the creative ecosystem.
It will have a group of entities associated to its execution, namely: ADDICT, Order of Architects, TICE, ATP, APICAPPS, among others. Collaboration in the methodology and forms of detection, characterization of the offer and validation of talents, support to the definition of the action plan for the promotion of young talents.
This activity takes the form of meetings, surveys, research, analyses, and institutional, business and individual contacts, as well as participation in initiatives of the business ecosystem, for the identification, characterisation and consensus-building of priority areas, destinations, as well as established and emerging creative segments and their talents, as catalysts and dragging elements for the visibility of the remaining economic aggregate.
It involves studies and consultancy and associated expenses, as well as the documentation/consubstantiation of an iterative action plan in permanent maturation associated to the promotion of young talents.
The information regarding the characterisation of the offer will constitute the work base for the communication and international promotion actions, as well as it will feed and constitute the decisive support for promotion in the marketplace.
Complementarily, the information being produced in this initiative will inform the capacity building programme, to be carried out as foreseen in Axis 2.
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