Talents MarketPlace


Activity integrated in Axis C. SPREAD OUT (Promotion)
Action aimed at specific promotion activities that include the collaborative platform for internationalisation and the international marketplace and the implementation of promotional actions in the target markets that are considered to be priorities in accordance with the market studies, the action plan and the results of the capacity building sessions, thus being defined jointly and in proximity to the economic agents, addressing markets for specific segments, through participation in dedicated international events, or carrying out aggregate promotion initiatives, highlighting the diversity and sophistication of the offer of national cultural and creative goods and services.
Specific activity referring to the Talented Portugal Marketplace / Mercado de Talentos Digital
A collaborative platform for the international promotion of the offer of national cultural and creative goods and services, acting as an aggregator and disseminator of information, collector of contacts and suggestions, and structured promotion of talent and creative businesses, as well as one-to-one commercial and institutional contacts.
This activity will have the contribution of the initiatives of axes 1 and 2, regarding the information and parameterisation of the marketplace, the characterisation of the offer, the identification and validation of talents, as well as the definition of the destination markets and the international events /certests to privilege, and the selection of talents and professionals in focus for each promotion initiative.
In order to carry out this initiative, cases of good practices such as those referred to will be addressed and taken into account:
Coordination and connectivity tools such as Marketplace, the Internet platform that brings together advertisements with business opportunities, exchange or partnerships of the #European Creative Business Network (EU), can boost the internationalization of cultural and creative agents. #The Generator Conference (SE) is held annually in a different city in Sweden to strengthen networks within and outside the cultural and creative sector, including foreign delegates.
#Hubstart (NL) is the exchange programme that promotes trade missions and facilitates the soft landing of Dutch companies in San Francisco/Silicon Valley and New York and of US companies in Amsterdam operating in the fields of media, information technology and digitalisation. Besides the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and partners specialised in innovation financing, this partnership is led by the Amsterdam Economic Board, the collaborative network of political, business, scientific and financial decision makers to strengthen the international competitiveness of this Dutch region.
#Luovimo (FI) is an intensive, shared internationalisation programme, which enables a group of about two dozen creative businesses to jointly access courses and resources from the Finnish export agency (Finpro), becoming aware of the advantages of partnering in approaching foreign markets. 
It involves the design and programming of the platform, its digital design services as well as its parameterisation, insertion of contents and updating.