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Activity that integrates Axis C. SPREAD OUT / Showcase of Talents
Action aimed at specific promotion activities that include the collaborative platform for internationalisation and the international marketplace and the implementation of promotional actions in the target markets that are considered to be priorities in accordance with the market studies, the action plan and the results of the capacity building sessions, thus being defined jointly and in proximity to the economic agents, addressing markets for specific segments, through participation in dedicated international events, or carrying out aggregate promotion initiatives, highlighting the diversity and sophistication of the offer of national cultural and creative goods and services.
This specific activity refers to the participation in international initiatives and events for the aggregate promotion of Portugal with Talent.
This activity consists in carrying out promotion initiatives in the target markets considered to be a priority for the economic aggregate and/or for specific sub-sectors of strategic investment.
It involves participation in existing events with the participation and aggregate promotion of the sector and talent, identified and selected within the scope of the remaining activities.
Activity to be carried out with the partnership and involvement of partner entities, namely ADDICT, the European Enterprise Network, through AEP its focal point for cultural and creative industries, the Order of Architects, the Fashion Competitiveness Pole, TICE, Habitat, among others.
The aim is to organise the international promotion of national talents, in aggregate form in international exhibitions, including synergic and aligned participations with converging economic aggregates, namely at the level of architecture and design, fashion, textiles, clothing and footwear, ITC and other sectorial convergences, increasing the international visibility of national talents, as well as potentiating the effects of economic dragging and convergence of economic activities.
To be made operational by the Youth Foundation in contact with competitiveness clusters and business associations, in order to maximise the simultaneous presence of the various business actors and economic aggregates.
The activity involves programming and organizing logistics, ensuring the presence at events, as well as organizing the delegation of talents, representatives of the entrepreneurial, associative and institutional ecosystem to foster economic development and internationalization.
It is planned to participate in 3 international events, in the destination markets, with an entourage of 8 elements.
The activity involves costs with logistics, travel, accommodation and meals at the destination, as well as the preparation and rental of spaces and equipment for the events.
This activity will receive input from Axis 1 and 2 initiatives, favouring the decision of priority events and markets, as well as the identification and selection of relevant participants for each initiative, either by destination market, or by thematic preference of the events, or creative segments covered.
This activity will have the partnership of the European Enterprise Network, through AEP, focal point of the network for cultural and creative industries.